Immunity, Detox New Years Bundle


      Jump start your 2022 wellness routine with this exclusive immunity detox bundle. 

      Ora Organic’s Easy Being Green Superfood Greens Powder 

      Who doesn’t need more greens in their diet? Up your intake with Ora Organic’s Easy Being Green. With Over 20 veggies, grasses, herbs, algae, and superfoods deliver antioxidants and nutrients for better feeling digestion, a sense of supported immunity, and incredible looking skin. Adaptogenic herbs Triphala and Ashwagandha offer a cleansed feel to the system and support a sense of stress relief and optimal energy.

      Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

      Up your overall sense of whole body balance with this ACV. It’s packed with probiotics perfect for anyone looking to improve the feeling of good digestion, visibly perk up skin and hair, and so much more. Oh and it’s the ingredient you need to perk up tired salads, vegetables and even cocktails. The mellow, fruity flavor makes a sublime addition to any dietary lifestyle.

      Ora Organic Well Wishes Immune Support Supplement

      Get the biggest bang for your wellness bucks with this high-quality blend of pure ingredients, carefully chosen to deliver a sense of supported immunity. Powerful plant extracts of Elderberry, Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Ginseng, and Garlic are key to a feeling of overall balance and well being. Adaptogenic herbs Astragalus and Astaxanthin provide a cleansing and purifying feel to the system. A year-round staple for your wellness kit.

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