Organic Authority is the original resource invested in promoting powerfully healthy, energetic, progressive wellness for women. We’re one of the original OG wellness digital publishers online. We believe in vibrant well being backed by the facts. Transparency is everything. 

Organic Authority has been reviewing products for years. Yes, that’s right. Our team of editors, industry experts, nutritionists, MDs, wellness and natural beauty experts have vetted 100s if not 1000s of products from wellness, natural beauty and skincare products to cookware, home, garden and more. 

We’ve tried them all. When we look for products we want the best of the best. We seek inspiration. We care about the story behind the product: who made it, how they made it, and why.

We put each and every product through a vetting process. We methodically scour ingredient labels, certifications and more  and ask the tough questions of brands so you can feel confident in your purchase. We test products for weeks before we approve them for the OA store. We look for products that are made with real ingredients. We look for brands that are transparent about what goes into a product, how their products are made, and how their ingredients and materials are sourced. We look for products that are good for both people and the planet. 

We deeply believe that you should be discerning and highly discriminating of what goes in, and on your body.  Lets face it, getting sick in America is expensive. Mounting medical bills is one of the top reasons Americans go broke every year. And let's be real. Real preventative health care, real wellness, isn’t cheap. And it takes work to take care of your body, every, single, day. In our experience,  if you take care of it, it will take care of you (our community can verify this). There’s too many success stories of people turning around serious health issues simply by applying a few wellness tools and techniques and eating real food. It is our mission, our goal to help you wake up each and every morning, and feel 110%, so you can tackle your day and perform your best.

We also believe that a product should elevate your life while bringing you everyday joy. That’s why we firmly believe that thoughtful details are an important part of wellbeing. A gorgeous bottle of olive oil turns an everyday experience into a luxurious one. An extra-delicious energy blend adds a dose of happiness to your daily wellness routine. We don’t just choose what’s ethical or “does the job,” we look at it holistically. Does the product deliver on it’s promise? These are the questions we are looking for answers to.

Don’t take our word for it. We invite you to dive into our world of wellness and give us your feedback on your favorite wellness products that help you live your most energized, authentic, beautiful you. LIVE, YOUR TRUE YOU.