OA Certified

The products we recommend are thoughtfully chosen for their quality, beauty, and effectiveness. 

We only endorse products that:

1 Are ethically-produced to the highest possible standards.

  • We look for products doing the best for people and planet in their particular category.

2 Are proven to be effective through independent validation, including scientific study or qualified expert review.

  • We don’t accept anecdotes and testimonials alone.

3 Can demonstrate clear evidence of superiority over other similar products.

  • We carefully evaluate claims and rigorously research and compare.

4 Are absolutely consistent in quality. 

  • Integrity of the experience is essential.

5 Are made thoughtfully and with care by those passionate about their craft.

  • The world is a global, connected community, so a genuine purpose and story is a must.
6 Are excellent by design, with delicious flavor or lovely texture.
  • The product must be fun and satisfying to experience.
7 Have the “X factor:” a special feature, an innovation, or a defining characteristic that obviously sets the product apart.
  • Our most subjective criteria, we look for products that are knock-your-socks-off good.

All products are tested directly by qualified OA staff to the same, consistent standards and are held to the same criteria. We document our process and are happy to help guide you further if needed.