The Ethos Behind the OA Approved Seal

woman holding cut oranges over eyes with the copy "The OA Ethos."


Every product that we feature on Organic Authority and in our store has earned the OA APPROVED seal.
What does that mean? Each product has met a set of standards, or ethos,  by which our editors and industry experts at ORGANIC AUTHORITY abide by, and apply to products reviewed for coverage and consideration for our store. 
The wellness world is flooded with products that make a lot of claims, but do they really live up to those standards? It is our job to uncover the best of the best, to help you navigate the overwhelming world of wellness products. The result is a best in class curation of hero wellness tools, that deserve a place in your wellness routine, to help you LIVE YOUR TRUE YOU. 

  • Clean Ingredients
  • Tested for Efficacy
  • Transparent Supply Chain
  • Sustainable
  • Socially Responsible
Clean Ingredients:
The quality of a product or any food item is only as good as the source it comes from. If a product is made with junk ingredients that’s grown in nutritionally deficient, contaminated soil, the result is a nutritionally bankrupt, ineffective product that offers little value when it comes to efficacy, and in our opinion, is a waste of money. 
We admit it, many of the products we carry and recommend come with a higher price tag. That’s because these products are made with higher quality ingredients that deliver efficacy and a higher value. 
We would rather see you buy less products (which has less of an impact on the Earth) and invest in higher quality products that innately have more efficacy, than stocking your shelves with cheap, low quality products that have little to no efficacy and carry a higher footprint.
We scour ingredient labels and look for any ingredients that we can’t identify or source. We also look for fillers or additives that simply aren’t healthy for the human body to ingest. 
We also look to see if a product is third party lab tested for purity.
Tested for Efficacy:
Does the product actually deliver on its promise? Products make a lot of claims, but does it really deliver? We test all of the products that we onboard to our store for efficacy and claims.
Supply Chain + Sustainability:
Does the brand have a transparent, sustainable supply chain? Can they tell us how the ingredients were grown and or sourced? What are their farming practices? 
Not everything has to be certified organic to be clean and thoughtfully grown. We get it, the certified organic seal comes with a high price tag and a lot of hoops to jump through. There are many farmers out there that grow sustainability and are not certified organic.
Social Responsibility:
Does the brand walk the walk of their story? 
Do they stand by their brand principles and processes? 
Are they socially responsible and care about their footprint and life cycle of their products and human health?